Welcome to A.B.I.D.

A.B.I.D. is a full service product design & development studio. Clients choose A.B.I.D. to design great products and help bring them to market. Over the years, I have designed a wide variety of products, including...

PepperPad Wireless Tablet
• Household and kitchen products.
• Computers and technology products.
• Toys and games.
• Medical products.
• Industrial equipment.
• Furniture and home decor.
• Product packaging.
• Software and Websites.

The products on this list are very diverse, yet they share something in common. To successfully design any of these products, the designer must understand the user and their needs, then apply creative skills and experience to create a successful design.

A successful design...

• works well,
• looks great,
• is fun, easy, and intuitive to use,
• can be economically & ecologically manufactured and sold.

I have designed this website as a venue to explain A.B.I.D.'s history and capabilities, as well as to show the products I have designed. Please take a moment to explore the website, and use the contact form if you have a design project you would like to discuss with me.

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Alan Ball

Alan Ball Industrial Design, Inc.